Welcome to my newly refreshed short story blog. I am so happy you decided to stop by and pay me a visit. My name is Elizabeth, Beth for short. I’m a mama of a spunky toddler and wife to an amazing hardworking, home-chef, baker, and all around handy dude. I have an amazing squad of friends and family that have continuously supported my whims and adventures with gusto and praise.

My day job is marketing, my passion is creating. I built a small handmade company over 2 years ago, and peddle my jewelry, soaps, and scrubs across Michigan to craft shows, hand-made fairs and exhibits. People like you everyday inspire my creations. No, really! Personalities, style choices, and everyone’s sophisticated color pallet help design an array of offerings so that there is something for everyone, even YOU.

When I’m not writing, working my 9-5 in marketing, or handcrafting jewelry & soap, I run for fun (yes seriously), reading “All the Things” or spending time with family.

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